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We provide an all in one price that has no surprises or hidden costs.

Your apartment will have a dedicated permanent caretaker who is available for guests to contact throughout their entire stay, from the moment they arrive to their departure. These caretakers work in pairs where possible and they have the resource to call on the rest of the iCare team to assist when required. The duties they carry out include the following:
iCare Hamilton Island
Cleaning of your apartment and more
We pride ourselves on the high level of cleaning provided. We also take care of all your laundering requirements and supply cleaning products for guests to use. Deep cleans occur monthly if possible depending on occupancy.

Valet service
This includes a pick up and drop off from the airport as well as a guided tour of the island where schedules permit.

Minor Maintenance
This is provided free of charge (where our competition charges for this service) and includes changing light bulbs under 2.7 metres, changing batteries, resetting appliances and TV's and calling the necessary trades person if they are needed for other breakdowns. If we are required to call a trades person for other work over and above minor maintenance the trades person will charge direct to the owner.

Buggy Service
For $30 a month we make sure your buggy is always presentable when a guest arrives, take it for its scheduled services, take it annually for its roadworthy test and do call outs for buggies that break down and if we can't get it going, we organize the repair.

For a full breakdown of our services you can view our brochure, get in touch by email or phone 0447500036.
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iCare Hamilton Island
iCare Hamilton Island
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