The Care Factor

iCare started it's life on Hamilton Island back in 2004 as Eurobodalla, providing an all-in-one cleaning, valet and maintenance service for their own apartments. After seeing the success that Eurobodalla had by providing one company to service the guest's total requirements whilst on the island, the booking agents and other private owners approached us to expand our business.

Back in 2008 Eurobodalla signed a registered business agreement with HIE to operate our business on Hamilton Island and shortly after changed its name to iCare Hamilton Island and Andrew Hatton became our on island general manager and a significant shareholder of the company.
iCare Hamilton Island
iCare Hamilton Island is now care-taking fifty-eight apartments.To remain operational we must maintain very high standards in guest relations, cleaning standards, punctual and friendly airport transfers along with speedy responses to minor maintenance problems. If we do not achieve these goals we will not survive as an alternate up market service. It is paramount to us that friendly service and guest satisfaction must be achieved. We are not attempting to be a valet or cleaning service but rather an all in one guest service operation, and because of this guest satisfaction can be dramatically increased.

  • One person is dealing with the client's total stay. This provides better co-ordination between cleaning the unit, minor maintenance issues, arrivals and departures.

  • We only care-take apartments that are booked by reputable licensed booking agents. If an owner does his/her own bookings and has a proven record of good occupancy and reliability we will also look after his/her apartment.

  • We offer each guest on arrival, a tour of the island including the marina and front street if time permits. Each guest is given an island map.

  • There are no penalty rates for weekend cleans, as our charge is the same regardless of what day it is or how many hours it takes to clean.

  • Spring- cleans are included in our price regardless of how many hours it takes.

  • We also supply to the guests at our cost an array of cleaning products to maintain the apartment's cleanliness. Also provided are compendiums for every room, which are updated regularly.

  • Your buggy will be well presented to the guest, washed and detailed monthly and taken for services at the appropriate time.

Providing a total care service, will mean less work for the booking agent with chasing up minor maintenance and by having to make only one call to deal with all issues. This will allow the reservation staff more time to sell your apartment, as they will not be getting tied up sorting out guest's problems.  

We believe, as guest satisfaction improves with a total care service, the amount of returning and recommended guests will increase.
iCare Hamilton Island
iCare Hamilton Island
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